Vibrating Color Combinations

In addition to the issues of color blindness mentioned above, placing areas of brightly colored hues together can be hard for users with color vision to read. Bright colors cause an afterimage effect. With only one bright color, the after image is usually not bothersome, but with two bright colors together, the afterimages interfere with one another, causing a "visual vibration." This can be reduced by placing a neutral color between the two areas of bright colors or by making one of the colors a pastel or dark shade.

Some Vibrating Color Combinations (Avoid)

Below are some color combinations that can cause afterimage effects.


Some Vibrating Color Combinations

red on green

green on red


blue on orange

orange on blue


green on magenta

magenta on green


yellow on cyan

cyan on yellow


magenta on blue

blue on magenta


yellow on orange

orange on yellow (not so bad)


green on blue

blue on green


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