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Microsoft Excel files are generally accessible, but accessibility can be enhanced by the following

  1. Avoid using blank cells for formatting purposes. It is generally better to use other formatting tools such as adjusting column width or height.
  2. Make sure headers for columns and rows are labeled as in a data table.
  3. If you are using the Chart Wizard
    1. Use the formatting options in line charts to create different types of dotted lines to facilitate legibility for color blind users.
    2. Avoid using the yellow and bright teal lines; use formatting options to change it to a darker color.
    3. Ensure that charts are legible are grayscale (black and white).

    Add a text key for bar charts or change the default colors to a color safe palette.

Adding Image ALT Tags

Modern versions of Microsoft Office allow you to add ALT text to inserted images. If these files are converted to HTML, the alt text is generally preserved. Please visit the Adding image ALT Tags page to see the complete list of steps detailing how to add ALT tags to images for different versions of Microsoft Office

Export Excel Data to HTML Tables

If you need to export Excel data to accessible HTML tables, then you may want to use the College of Agricultural Sciences Convert Excel tables to HTML. This tool allows you to cut and paste data from Excel, add captions and summary text then have it converted to HTML.

Even if you don’t know much about HTML, you can cut and paste this code into the HTML view of any online blog, content manager or an HTML editor such as ANGEL.

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