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Implementing Accessibility

Penn State Accessibility

This Section: Policy | Assistive Technology Labs

Penn State Accessibility

Assistive Technology Labs

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This Section: In-DepthAccessibility | Tool Demos | University Tutorials | Software Vendor Tutorials

In-Depth Tutorials

In-depth accessibility tutorials aimed for Web masters

Assistive Tech Tool Demos

Sites which provide demos of screen readers, text zoomers and other accessibility hardware and software.

University Tutorials

Aimed for instructors and Web masters.

Tutorials from Software Vendors

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This Section: WCAG 2.0 Guidelines | Section 508 Guidelines |Outside the U.S.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W.C.A.G.)

Comprehensive recommendations developed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). They are divided into three priority levels ranked from most crucial (AA) to least crucial (AAA). Penn State Policy A.D. 69 mandates A and AA compliance.

Section 508 Checklists

Section 508 is still the official standard for sites built by the U.S. federal government. Although most Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 guidelines, there are are some minor differences in what Section 508 requires. Note also that the first section of the guidelines applies mainly to the development of custom software applications for the federal government, not necessarily to Web sites.

Outside the U.S.

If you are working with agencies or organizations outside the U.S., this information may be useful.

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This Section: Online Verification Services | Firefox Browser Plug Ins

Verifications should be used as only one of several accessibility tests. See the Suggested Testing Protocol for suggested guidelines on screen reader tests, color tests and zooming tests.

See Also: Lynx Browsers | Color Blindness Simulators

Online Testing Services

Firefox Browser Plug Ins

These plug ins and tools allow you to easily view sites without images or stylesheets.

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Different Audiences

This Section: Lists of JAWS Commands | Screen Reader Vendors | Lynx Downloads | Advocacy Groups

Lists of Jaws Commands

JAWS is one of the most commonly used screen reader programs. It not only reads Web sites, but reads all text within the Windows system (application menus, document text, help screens, and so forth).

Screen Reader Vendors

See Also: Tools Demos

Lynx Text Browser

Lynx is an open source application much as in the Linux model. There are lots of sources for downloading Lynx, but some "installs" require more effor to set up than others.

Advocacy Groups

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This Section: Zooming Simulations | Design Tips   

Low Vision Design Tips

Zooming Simulations

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This Section: Color Blindness Simulators | About Color Blindness

Color Blindness Simulators

About Color Blindness

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This Section: Captioning Software | Captioning How-tos

Captioning Software

Captioning How-tos

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Mobility Impairment Links

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Cognitive Disability Links

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Other Issues

This Section: P.D.F Files | Microsoft Office | Flash Files

P.D.F. File Accessibility Links

Microsoft Office Accesibility Links

Flash Accessibility Links

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This Section: Pop-Up Windows

Pop-Up Windows

These Websites provide advanced tips for implementing Javascript pop-up windows in an accessible fashion. Testing on multiple platforms is recommended.

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