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The Qualtrics survey tool licensed by Penn State can be used to build accessible surveys, but some precautions should be taken.

Note: Penn State has an Qualtrics informational page for more information.

How to Access

Qualtrics can be accessed by going to the Penn State Qualtrics website.

Creation of a Survey

While the output of Qualtrics is accessible, the actual process of creating a survey is not. If students need to create a form or survey for a project, it may be a good idea to consider using a different option.

Inaccessible Question Types

Any survey question in which the user must use a slider, drag and drop or select an area with a mouse is probably not accessible. However, many of these questions do have accessible variants.

For specific information see the Qualtrics Accessible and Non-Accessible Question Types page.

Change Next Button Labels

By default buttons to navigate to the previous and next page are « and », both of which are read as “left double angle bracket” and “right double angle bracket” in a screen reader.

Qualtrics recommends changing these labels to something like Back and Next. This can be done within your survey by clicking the Edit Surveys tab, then the Look & Feel link.

Auto Number Questions

Use the Auto Number option to ensure that questions are listed with a number before each question. This helps users on a screen reader and others track their progress through the survey.

Check Survey Accessibility

Qualtrics includes a tool to check survey accessibility. Read more at Support.

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