About this Session

Anyone using an iPhone or Droid also has access to a screen reader which can be used to test website accessibility. A team of experienced screen reader users and testers will demonstrate how they use their mobile device screen readers to interact with different sites and how navigation differs from the default options most sighted people use. The session will also show how anyone can toggle a screen reader on and off and use it to interact with online content.

Prerequisite(s): None


  • Understand how a mobile screen reader is used by individuals with visual disabilities
  • Learn how to activate and use mobile screen reader tools.
  • Briefly review other accessibility settings such as default font size, color adjustments, enable video captions, custom gestures and flashing alerts.

Time and Location

  • Instructors: The A Team
  • Fri Oct 27, 1:30-3:30 PM
  • Paterno Library, 103 Mann Assembly Room

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