In order to earn this badge you must submit one or more URLs and a description of your process to the Penn State Digital Badge System.

Submit URLs

Submit one or more URLs for a Web site you wish the review committee to evaluate for accessibility.

  • Your submission must must include five of these elements somewhere within your pages – images, forms, headings, link text, tables, frames or iframes, skip navigation link, video.
  • Your pages can also include uploaded documents or content from a plugin, but these elements will be evaluated for accessibility.

Evidence Required

Your pages will be evaluated along the following criteria. Click the link in the Elements column to learn more about that criteria.

Your pages must contain five elements to be evaluated. Any additional elements will also be evaluated for accessibility, but those not present will be skipped in the rubric.

Elements Criteria to Pass
Headings Text formatted as a section heading uses an appropriate H tag. H tags are nested appropriately where possible.
Image ALT Text All images have appropriate ALT tags.
Link Text Links on pages indicate specific and unique destinations. Repetitive link texts are minimized.
Skip Navigation A mechanism to skip repetitive navigation links in the template is provided.
Data Tables Data tables have appropriate caption and/or summary and header cells. Header cells use the appropriate scope or id attribute.
Lists List tags are properly used. Numeric lists use different numbering styles at each level.
Forms Form fields and sections are labeled for screen readers. Forms can be used solely with a keyboards and contain a separate submission button.
Frames and iFrames Frames have appropriate titles understandable to a screen reader user, including iFrames from embedded objects.
Color Contrast The color scheme for all visible objects passes level AA for the WCAG 2.0 Luminosity Ratio test.
No Distraction The site does not contain automatic background audio, blinking text, endlessly looping animation/slides or scrolling elements.
Video and Audio Any videos posted to a Web page are captioned to a 95% accuracy rate.

Pages with audio or podcasts include a link to a transcription to an accessible and readable transcript with a 95% accuracy rate in the transcript.

Language Tag The web page includes an English language tag in the header. Non-English content is appropriately tagged as needed.
Rollovers Any rollover effects which work with a mouse also work with a keyboard.
Keyboard All functionality that can be performed by a mouse can also be accessed via a keyboard.
Reading Order The reading order is coherent in a screen reader and when CSS is disabled.
Uploaded Documents

All uploaded documents and plugin are accessible. Read more about these common file types.

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