What is my Health score?

For each scan, Compliance Sheriff produces a Health Score found towards the end of the scan information line.

Screen shot example: table of ITS-accessibility-wcag2 and ITS-accessibility-nfb scans, websites, dates, and health scores

Screen shot example: Compliance Sheriff health ranges and percentages

Compliance Sheriff health range percentages

Based on data gathered from our users, it is recommended to not use this score as a primary indicator of the state of the site. See below for details.

How is Health score determined?

HiSoftware uses a custom algorithm to calculate a score based on the number of failures and warnings, with warnings weighted about half as much as failures.

How does my Health score compare to other units across Penn State?

After the initial set of scans were run in February 2012 on the top 100 sites at Penn State,

  • There were very few sites that had higher than 50% Health score.
  • No site with a 50% score or higher had more than 16 pages in their scan.
  • The majority of scan results fell between 2%-39%.
  • The University of Minnesota indicates that the more checkpoints used, the lower the health score can be.

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