Log in

Log in at https://csa.win.psu.edu/compliancesheriff with your Penn State Access Account ID and Password

Initial View

Blank Dashboard

You will see a blank dashboard when you first log in (see image below).

Initial view of Compliance Sheriff after login, the Dashboard tab, saying 'Your dashboard is not configured to show any views.'

View Scans

If you know you have an account established, click Scans to view the list of scan reports you have access to. These are typically a combination of scans established for sites in your unit and personal scans for testing. See the scan naming convention page to learn more.

Requesting Access

If you do not see any scans or need additional scanning reports, contact your Web Liaison or accessibilityweb@psu.edu.

Other Tabs

The global navigation links which are most important to users are the Scans, Notifications, Views and Dashboard tabs. The Monitors are less likely to be used, as site scans and full reports will be generated for you on a routine basis. The Checkpoints tab is likely to never be used, as checkpoints have been pre-defined and cannot be edited.

Note: The Reports tab does not work unless you are an admin for this service.

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