The IT Accessibility Group provides consulting, testing and training on accessibility for staff and faculty at Penn State. The IT Accessibility Group consists of:

Staff Members

Christian Vinten-Johansen

M.S. Engineering

Manager of the IT Accessibility Team. 17 years of experience evangelizing, training and consulting in digital accessibility.

  • Frequent trainer and presenter at Penn State; presenter at national conferences.
  • Author, accessibility policy and procedures.
  • Co-chair, Penn State Accessible Technology and Information initiative.
  • Co-chair, EDUCAUSE Accessibility Constituent Group.
  • Co-chair, IMS Global Accessibility Community of Practice.
  • Member, Big Ten Academic Alliance IT Accessibility Group.
  • Member, Educational Accessibility Committee, American Council on Education.
  • Member, International Association of Accessibility Professionals.
  • Accessibility advisory groups for Adobe, Workday, Instructure, Elsevier, and Box.

Michelle McManus

M.Ed., Teaching of the Visually Impaired

Member of the Accessibility Team since 2011.

  • Frequent trainer and presenter at Penn State for raising awareness of accessibility issues in information technology, through demonstrations of screen readers.
  • Member, National Federation of the Blind, and President of the local Happy Valley chapter.
  • Blind, a power user of assistive technology.
  • Tests website and application accessibility and usability.

Sean McCurry

Project Manager of the Accessibility Team. Works with processes and acts as ‘Coder in Residence’

  • 10 years experience in web development (full stack, UI / UX focus)
  • Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)
  • Website and application testing

Elizabeth J. Pyatt

Ph.D., Linguistics

More than 15 years of experience evangelizing and training in accessibility of information technology.

  • Frequent presenter and trainer of accessible web technologies and instructional materials at Penn State, and at national conferences.
  • Production of tactile graphics and 3D printing for STEM instructional materials.
  • Website and application testing.
  • Co-chair, Penn State Accessible Technology and Information initiative.
  • Editor of

Testing Team

Deniz Aydemir Döke

Ph.D. candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision. Graduate Assistant in Teaching and Learning with Technology.

  • Website and application tester.
  • Class instructor, tests classroom technologies.
  • Screen reader power user.

JooYoung Seo

M.Ed., Learning, Design, and Technology

Ph.D. student in Learning, Design, and Technology. Graduate Assistant in Teaching and Learning with Technology. Blindness is not a barrier for JooYoung.

  • Subject matter expert in accessibility, assistive technologies, instructional materials, web programming and universal design.
  • Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).
  • Frequent presenter and trainer at Penn State and national conferences.

Tanner Zaffuto

Tester with knowledge of multiple testing strategies.

  • Recent Graduate and former intern from South Hills School of Business and Technology.
  • Proficient in both visual and screen reader testing methods.

Tactile Production Team

Mona Alqahtani

Ph.D. candidate in Learning Design and Technology.

  • Production of tactile graphics primarily of STEM instructional materials.
  • Works closely with students to determine needs and preferences.
  • Experienced graphic and instructional designer.

Terri Eagles

Terri is experienced in creating alt and Braille documents as well as tactile graphics for students in the State College Area School District.

Hend Saleh

Alt document specialist with experience with Arabic language text.

Angela Zhang

Angela is an experienced illustrator and graphic designer and is using her skills to generate tactile graphics and alt documents.

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