Penn State is conducting a 2-month pilot of the EquatIO equation editor and digital math toolset for Penn State education technology staff, instructors and selected students.

This pilot will last until Sat. March 28, 2019.

Individuals wishing to test this tool should read the information below and click the Register For Pilot link after the information.

Join the Pilot

To participate in the pilot, you must

  • Register with the pilot at the link below.
  • Agree to provide feedback through a set of 2-3 surveys throughout the pilot.


The equation editor and digital math toolset includes the following tools which can be tested in the pilot

  • Convert embedded equation images to MathML or LaTeX
  • Handwriting recognition input
  • Speech recognition input
  • Read highlighted equation aloud
  • Integration with Desmos graphing calculator
  • Natural language predictive equation entry
  • Direct LaTeX input
  • Support for chemistry


This pilot will allow participants to test in the following platforms

Getting Support

EqatIO Documentation

YouTube Video Demos

Contact Pilot Support