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Gravity Forms is a plugin in WordPress that allows the developer to create forms where users enter relevant information.

Forms created from Gravity Forms are accessible and can be completed using a screen reader or by a sighted person on a keyboard. However, editing a created field with a keyboard requires significant workarounds. Due to the often extreme difficulty in creating a form with a screenreader, Microsoft Forms is a more accessible option of form creation.

Form Field Accessibility

Form Field Types

The output for basic fields such as textboxes, drop downs, and checkboxes are accessible. However, the output for more complex layouts such as numbers or radio buttons should be verified for accessibility.

Form Field Labels

All form fields should have meaningful labels and they should include short instructions. Although more information can be entered below the label, that information may not be read aloud by default. See the example below.

Example Label

Penn Sate Access ID (e.g. xyz123)

Note that the example xyz123 provides additional information on what is expected in the Access ID field.


To enable plugins in WordPress:

  1. Go to Sites at Penn State at
  2. Click button Go to My Sites to log in.
  3. Once logged in, click the Plugins link in the left menu.
  4. Click the Activate link beneath the plugin for “Gravity Forms”.
  5. Click the Save Changes button to confirm the activation.

Creating a Form

  1. Stay logged in, and click the Forms link in the left menu.
  2. Click New Form in the drop-down menu.
  3. Give your form a name and description.
    Note: Ensure that description clearly dictates the form’s precise function and delivers
    easily followed instructions to the user.
  4. Follow instructions given to tailor forms to page’s needs.
  5. Click Update Form in the bottom right corner to save changes made.

Adding a Form to a Page

  1. Stay logged in, and click Edit Page in the top bar.
  2. Click Add Form button with your cursor in the document’s body where you want the form to be located.
    Note: The form needs to already have been created by this step. See Creating a Form.
  3. In the Select a Form drop-down, click the form you wish to use.
  4. Manipulate display settings as needed.
  5. Click Insert Form button at the bottom of the window.
  6. If complete, click Update button at the right to update the page to include the form.

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