Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that is used to create forms for WordPress sites.

How to Access

To use Gravity Forms on your WordPress site, you need to purchase it from the Gravity Forms website. Their site also has a lot of useful information for anyone wanting to use Gravity Forms, including a demo.

Creation of a Form

Gravity Forms has a good Blog Post about the accessibility of their plugin. They talk about their own product, but they also talk about why accessibility is important in general.

In our testing, we’ve seen mixed results for the output of Gravity Forms. It seems like the forms act differently depending on what screen reader and browser is being used. In addition, some questions are just generally more accessible than others. With the amount of variables present, it’s difficult to give a definite review on it’s accessibility. That being said though, based on their blog post, they at least seem to be committed to accessibility. Hopefully that means that things can only improve as time goes on.

From what we’ve found, it seems like the actual creation of the forms is somewhat accessible. It seems like a form can technically be created and edited by someone using a screen reader, but it is pretty challenging. It would most likely take some serious training and practice to get comfortable creating a form in Gravity Forms using a screen reader.