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About H5P

H5P is an organization which hosts a number of tools to build interactive modules using HTML 5 and are often more accessible than earlier interactions built with technologies such as Flash.

Penn State allows the modules listed below to be used on Web sites or integrated into Canvas. However, units must purchase licenses to allow editing of content.

License & Support

To learn more about obtaining and using H5P, please email the Penn State H5P Support Team.

Accessible Content Types

Below is a list of content types that Penn State testing has determined to be accessible.

If you wish to use other content types, please contact to determine if there is an updated version or other alternate that is accessibe.

  • Accordion
  • Agamotto
  • Audio Recorder
  • Audio (Text alternative should be added for accessibility)
  • Branching Scenario (beta)
  • Chart
  • Collage
  • Column
  • Course Presentation
  • Dialogue Cards
  • Documentation Tool
  • Drag and Drop
  • Drag the Words
  • Essay
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Flashcards
  • Guess the Answer
  • Image Hotspots
  • Image Juxtaposition
  • Image Slider
  • Mark the Words
  • Memory Game
  • Multiple Choice
  • Questionnaire
  • Quiz (Question Set)
  • Single Choice Set
  • Speak the Words
  • Summary
  • Timeline
  • True/False Question
  • Virtual Tour (360)

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