At this time, repairing PDFs to be accessible to all audiences remains a very time consuming and “quirky” process. However, if you wish to investigate and implement repairing PDF files, the resources below do provide excellent resources on how to proceed. Please also note that any PDF can be posted so long as there is also an accessible format with the same information available.

Any repaired PDF should be verified by a screenreader. You can contact to arrange testing of sample documents.

Lynda.Com Videos

The Creating Accessible PDFs seminar provides an effective introduction to different techniques for repairing PDFs in Adobe Acrobat.

Common Look PDF Repair Services

A discount is available from the Common Look to repair PDF documents. Prices vary depending on difficulty and length.

Common Look

Common Look provides a set of Windows-only tools that are used in some departments at Penn State.

  1. Common Look PDF
  2. Common Look Office

Repair in Adobe Acrobat

  1. WebAIM: Acrobat XI Tutorial
  2. Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Training Resources
  3. Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility
  4. NC State: Accessible PDF Forms
  5. Planet PDF: Accessible PDF
  6. CSU: Introduction to PDF Accessibility Tutorials
  7. Adobe: Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility

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