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Box is a file sharing and cloud content management service, with different methods to access stored content. The accessibility and usability of the platforms vary, but Box Drive and the mobile apps are the recommended options for those on a screen reader or who use other assistive technology.

All platforms and apps available through the Box Apps page.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Web Interface)

The web interface allows users access to all functions. Unfortunately, the main web interface for Box is complex and it can be difficult to navigate, especially for people using assistive technology.

To provide assistance, does provide a list of Box keyboard shortcuts for almost all functions.

Note that if only basic features are needed, one of the other options listed below, may be more usable. Users can use any combination of tools depending on their current needs.

Box Drive (Desktop Interface)

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to access files on Box is to use Box Drive. This allows you to navigate to Box files as if it were another set of folders on Windows or Mac.

It syncs any chosen to the desktop file system, allowing for access files in the same way as any normal file.

Note: An older version of Box Sync was offered a few years ago, but synching was incomplete. This version has been replaced by Box Drive, and an upgrade is now recommended.

Mobile Website

There is a simplified interface that can either be accessed using the mobile website (or alternatively the accessible website which is an identical interface). These sites can also be used on an iPhone or Android device.

Note that the login is a little different from that of the main Web version.

To login with Penn State Web Access

  1. Navigate to or A log in page appears.
  2. Below the email/password fields and Log in button, click the link Use Single Sign On (SSO).
  3. In the next window, enter your Penn State Email Address (e.g., then click the Log in button. You will directed to either the Web Access log in page or to your account.
    Note: There is no password field in this page.

Switch from the Web to Mobile Interface (alternate method)

If you have logged in to the main Box website, you can also switch to the mobile website as follows.

  1. Log in via
  2. Within the main folder listing, hit the Tab key once. A link labeled Switch to the Accessible Version of Box is revealed.
  3. Click the link and follow the instructions in the section above.
  4. To return, click the link on the sidebar Go to full site.

Mobile Apps

There are mobile apps for all platforms, such as iPhone / iPad, and Android, and they offer similar simplified interfaces to the mobile / accessible versions. All apps may be found on the main Box page or through Apple or Google store pages.

Last update: September 5, 2019