is a file sharing system licensed at Penn State.

Screen Reader Accessibility

Users on a screen reader may need assistance in order to access files within a specific file space in Screen reader users may also not be able to access all administrative features including setting up a file share.

Sharing Files with a User on a Screen Reader

The following options can help enable a user on a screen reader access files.

  1. A list of keyboard shortcuts is available and could allow users access to more functions.
  2. It is possible for a screen reader to access files on a sync’d folder. This allows a user to access a file space as if it were a normal computer directory. However, that person may need some assistance with initial setup.
    Note: All users on a sync’d folder should be careful to copy file and not move them outside the sync’d area. That could delete the file for all users.
  3. Some screen reader users may have better success using the Box app for the iPhone or other mobile device.
  4. Files can be emailed to a specific person as needed.