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Recommended Screen Reader/Browsers

In general, Canvas recommends using the latest possible versions of browsers, mobile devices and screen readers. The latest recommended Canvas platforms are posted on the Canvas Guides.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Some students with a screen reader may prefer to use the Canvas Mobile app. This app is available for Android and iOS at the following links:

Students may also view the manual for using these apps from the Canvas Mobile Guides page.

High Contrast Setting

Canvas students and instructors can view Canvas with a High Contrast setting. See the Changing User Settings page for details.
Note: that this setting is very similar to the default colors in Canvas.

Students with visual impairments can use the high contrast setting on Canvas for better accessibility by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. In the Help Corner, click the Settings link. If you are using the New Canvas User Interface (UI), in Global Navigation, click the Account link, then click the Settings link.

    Getting to High Contrast setting

  2. Scroll down to Feature Options and turn the high contrast settings ON.

    Turning on High Contrast setting

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