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Clickers are a device used in various courses to allow students to submit answers to multiple choice questions during a lecture or other presentation. The current device is from iClicker and includes various mechanisms to enhance clicker accessibility for different students.

Visual Impairments

The following options are available for students with visual impairments. They include:

  • Clickers feature large raised letters. Braille stickers are also available free upon request. Contact to request a clicker with Braille stickers.
  • Submission buttons are approximately the size of a finger pad.
  • The online registration form is tagged to include form labels.
  • Clickers which vibrate to indicate a student’s vote being received are available upon request. Contact to request a vibrating clicker with Braille stickers.

Color Deficient Vision

Blinking vs. non-blinking lights indicate whether a vote has been received or not. Specifically:

  • A steady green light signals that the vote was received.
  • A blinking red light signals that the vote was NOT received.

Complete accessibility information from iClicker is available from Questions or concerns about the Clickers can be sent to

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