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The best test is to have a Web page or other document reviewed by an expert. However, these tools can help authors and developers find and address some common errors.

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are a good way to quickly audit a site for common issues such as lack of image ALT text, poor table structure or missing form labels. The ones listed below are used by many testers at Penn State.

Color Checkers

Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard accessibility can be checked by trying to use a Web site or other content or tool without a mouse. On a Web site, you should check to see if you can use the TAB key to tab to form fields and the ENTER key to select and enter data.

Other applications (e.g. Microsoft Office or a Flash application), should include keyboard equivalents (e.g. CONTROL+P for print) for all functions.

See the Keyboard Testing section of the Testing Protocol page for more details.


Screenreaders are the technology used by users with visual disabilites to access digital content. Accessing content with a screendreader is valuable for testing technologies (e.g. PDF, new Web service) that other tools cannot assess.

Expert Testing

Penn State faculty, staff and student developers can contact to arrange for expert testing and consultations including screen reader testing and full accessibility evaluations.

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