Penn State has migrated to the Zoom Platform. This page exists for archival purposes only. Last edited November 2017. The Zoom platform has been successfully used by multiple users on screen readers.

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  1. Adobe Connect 8 includes screen reader accessibility options. If a user still experiences problems after implementing these recommendations, consider using a telephone for audio. Other options include an accessible text chat, or a voice chat client such as Skype, which has JAWS scripts available.
  2. Users with hearing disabilities will have problems with audio (unless the chat is captioned), but may be able to use text chat and images to participate. See Adobe’s Connect Closed Captioning Pod page for information on arranging live captions, or contact
  3. Videos recorded in Adobe Connect can be downloaded as Flash (FLV) files and captioned. Files typically need to be posted outside of Adobe Connect after an event.
  4. If you are screen sharing a document, such as a Word file or a Web site, consider enlarging the text to enhance legibility. You can also instruct users to click the Full Screen button beneath the shared document (in the "Share Pod").
  5. If your presentation includes a PowerPoint file with images, then include alternative text or text descriptions for images. Transitions like flying bullet points should be minimized, since the animation for each bullet point is assigned its own slide.

Download Adobe Connect Recording

The following instructions allow Adobe Connect meeting hosts download a recorded meeting by "replaying" it onto their computer. Thus, the recording process takes as long as the original meeting to complete.

Note: For long Adobe Connect recordings, it may be best to schedule the download during a time you will be away from your computer.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Meetings link the top row of tabs to see meetings you have Host privileges for.
    Note: The lower MyMeetings tabs shows all meetings you have access to.
  3. Click the name of meeting to open the Meeting Information window.
  4. Click the Recordings link to see a list of recordings.
  5. Click the link for the specific recording you need to download.
  6. Click the Make Offline button to start the download process. Install the Adobe Connect Add-in if prompted.
  7. Read the Recording Notes button to ensure you have the correct screen resolution and have followed other guidelines such as disabling your screen saver,
  8. Click the Proceed with Offline Recording button when you are ready to begin.

The recording will play and save itself to your local computer as an .flv Flash video file.

Caption Template

The following instructions allow you to download the Adobe Connect recordings, caption Adobe Connect recordings in MovieCaptioner, then re-upload the files.

  1. Download the template files to receive necessary video player files.
  2. Instructions on using the template files are included in the zipped file.
  3. You will need to have Host rights to any meeting rooms with the Adobe Connect recordings that you wish to download and caption.
  4. You will need Web space to upload the captioned files so you can link to them.

Real Time Live Captioning

Another option for Adobe Connect is to hire a vendor to transcribe the audio while the meeting is occuring. If the meeting is recorded, the captioning is included.

The audio can be transcribed a Notes pod or the special Closed Captioning pod (which is used by vendors like Caption Colorado)

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