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Here are some guidelines for prioritizing remediation of content.

Courses in which an Academic Adjustment Letter is Received

Timely Accommodation is Required: For any course where an instructor receives an Academic Adjustment Letter from the Office for Disability Services.

Order of Priorities in Addressing Course Accessibility

Absent a Letter of Academic Adjustment: Adjustments for accessibility will have the most impact if addressed in the following order.

  1. High enrollment courses
  2. General Education (“Gen Ed”) courses or introductory courses
  3. Courses which are prerequisites for entering a program or major
  4. Courses which are required for a program or major
  5. Elective courses which are repeated
  6. Courses or content which are only presented once

Important Considerations

  • Hybrid and online courses receive a higher number of Academic Adjustment Letters for sensory impairments and will need higher prioritization.
  • Courses that use a large volume of media files (e.g. images, video or audio) or specialized software or technology tools will need more adjustments and a higher prioritization.
  • The first two weeks of content should be made accessible first, then additional weeks should be remediated. Prioritizing the initial weeks’ content will allow any student needing accommodation to assess the effectiveness of the adjustment.

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