See Web Form Accessibility for more information about designing Web forms.

Form Services

Form services are evaluated through their accessibility of creation using a screen reader and the ability to limit their responses to Penn State users. Given standard form inputs (textboxes, dropdowns, checkmarks, etc), each platform offers forms that can be completed using a screen reader.

Regardless of platform, each form should follow a standard of design considerations before they are distributed for completion.

  • Microsoft Forms – an application available through the Office 365 suite.
  • Gravity Forms – a WordPress plugin with accessibility creation concerns.
  • Formidable Forms – a WordPress plugin with accessibility creation concerns.
  • Qualtrics – A professional survey tool licensed by Penn State. Accessible survey forms can be created, but the editing tools are not currently accessible.
  • Google Forms – an application available through Google Apps, usable with a standard Gmail account.
    Note: Google Forms is on a platform which is not officially supported by Penn State and there may be privacy or security issues to consider. There are options in other cases to restrict forms to Penn State users.

All the options above allow users to create forms which are accessible to multiple audiences including those on a screen reader or use a keyboard. However, Microsoft Forms and Word Forms can be used by users on a screen reader to create a form.

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