Below is a list of captioned recordings of past events.

  1. Introduction: Importance of Web Accessibility
    Bill Welsh from the Office of Disability Services reviews policy and issues relating to the need to provide accessible access to Penn State materials.
  2. 8 Main Blockers Webinar
    A review of some of the most critical blockers to accessibility, particularly for screen reader users.
  3. Beyond the Blockers: Accessible Doc Design
    Additional accessibility issues that should be addressed beyond the main eight blockers
  4. ANGEL Accessibility Webinar
    Some tips for making content in the ANGEL course management system more accessible.

  5. Dreamweaver and Accessibility Webinar
    Elizabeth Pyatt from TLT provides an overview of tools Dreamweaver provides to generate more accessible HTML.

  6. Firefox Testing Tools
    Elizabeth Pyatt of TLT gives an overview of WAVE, the Juicy Studios toolbar and other testing tools for Firefox.

  7. PDF: Escape from PDF Clinic
    Derick Burns of TLT discusses how his unit migrated from PDF to alternative document formats.
  8. PDF: Escape from PDF Webinar
    An overview of different accessibility issues relating to PDF accessibility and repair and recommendations for migrating PDF content or providing alternate sources.

  9. STEM Course (Match & Science) Accessibility
    Some basic strategies to make technical images and tables more accessible.
  10. Triage and Testing
    Christian Vinten-Johansen
    from TLT discusses how to prioritize your content for accessibility remediation.

  11. Understanding WCAG 2.0
    Christian Vinten-Johansen provides some guidance in how to understand the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
  12. Video Captioning Clinic
    Pat Besong demonstrates captioning techniques including those of the MovieCaptioner software.

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