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Moderate Student Quiz Settings

One of the most commonly requested accommodations is to extend time for quizzes and exams.

Once a quiz is created, it’s possible to moderate settings for individuals to extend quiz time, change deadlines or add extra attempts as needed.

See Adding Extra Time on a Quiz for more details.

Change Quiz Deadline

If a student needs a deadline adjusted for a quiz, you can add deadlines for specific students or groups. See details on Assigning a Quiz to an Individual Student for details.

Quiz Question Types and Accessibility

Here are some recommendations for optimizing accessibility in quiz questions.

Show all Multiple Choice Answers as Buttons/Checkboxes

If you have a multiple choice question, it’s usually better to use an option with radio buttons or checkboxes and avoid choices dropdowns. This makes it easier for students with reading issues to see all the choices and for a student on a keyboard to select an answer to submit.

The exception would be if the options were an exceptionally long list (e.g. a list of U.S. states).

Avoid Drag and Drop

It’s best to avoid any question type requiring drag and drop unless it can also be done on a keyboard.

Screen Readers

Information about Canvas quiz accessibility can change depending on the current Canvas release. If a student reports that a quiz is inaccessible, please contact both and/or

Note also that screen reader users in general require more time to navigate all the answer choices and may need extended quiz times.

Adjust Assignment Settings

You can also add custom due dates on an assignment for different students. This can be done by adding additional (due) dates to an assignment and assigning those due dates to individual students.

See How do I assign an Assignment to an individual student or course section? for details.

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