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Kaltura is a “Media Management and Streaming Platform” used to stream video and audio supported at Penn State. You can go to the Penn State Kaltura page to access the service.

Although the platform is generally accessible, there are some important points to consider to fully optimize accessibility in Kaltura.

High Contrast Mode

The Kaltura MediaSpace page has a High Contrast setting for users who are unable to use the default color scheme. Clicking the button will adjust the colors to comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines needed by some viewers.

To toggle it on and off, click the Toggle Contrast Mode button located in the upper right corner of the screen next to the language select button.

Visual representation of where the high contrast toggle is located on the page.

Uploading a Caption File to Media Space

It is possible to upload captions to your videos on Kaltura/Media Space. To do this, follow the following steps below. For more information on captions, please visit our Caption Guidelines page.

  1. In the top navigation, expand the user menu (should say your name)
  2. Select My MediaVisual representation of how to get to My Media.
  3. In My Media, select the Edit icon next to a video you want to add a caption file to.Visual representation of how to locate the Edit Media button.
  4. On the video edit page, select the Captions tab
  5. Select the Upload captions fileVisual representation of how to locate the upload captions button.
  6. In the Upload a captions file pop-up window, select the Browse… buttonVisual representation of where the Browse button is.
  7. Locate the select the file from your computer’s files and select Open
  8. In the Upload a captions file pop-up window, use the Language drop down menu to select the languageVisual representation of where the Language dropdown button is.
  9. In the Label field give the captions a label (i.e. 3Play Captions)Visual representation of where the Label field is.
  10. Select the Save button


Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some keyboard shortcuts that can be found on Kaltura’s site.

Screen Reader Options

One main tip for screen readers: When navigating the main menu on the main Kaltura MediaSpace site, be aware of the pass through key. Some of the navigation menus had a sub navigation menu, but it couldn’t be accessed while the screen reader was on. The solution was to turn it off for a moment using the pass through key (for NVDA it’s NVDA + F2 and for JAWS it’s Insert or Caps Lock + 3) and arrow down to active the sub navigation menu.

Keyboard Tip(s)

While testing Kaltura, some of our testers found it useful to not navigate by headers alone (or any other way of jumping around. Landmarks, etc.). They found it easier to navigate just using the arrow keys to get through the page. They said they would frequently miss content using any other method.

Accessibility Information From Kaltura

You can view Kaltura accessibility information created by Kaltura.

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