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Zoom is a web conference tool licensed at Penn State. Zoom is accessible for many audiences as described below. Additional information can be found at the Zoom accessibility page.

Link with Kaltura

Note: Recorded Zoom files are now linked to the Penn State Kaltura service. Additional video editing options are available through that service.

Live Captions

Meeting hosts can enable the caption window in their meeting rooms, then assign live captioning tasks to a third party vendor, a meeting attendee or to themselves. See the Zoom Using Closed Captioning documentation.

See the Live Captions page for information on vendors and event planning.


Zoom recordings are saved in the MP4 video format. These can be captioned and posted in a number of locations. Additional information about caption options, including live captions, can be found on the Zoom accessibility page.

Automatic Transcriptions

The option to include automatic transcriptions in Zoom Cloud Recordings is available for Penn State Zoom accounts.

Enable Transcript Option

To enable this option

  1. Log in into the Zoom Video Conferencing page with your Penn State Access Account and ID.
  2. Click the Meetings link in the left menu, then the Recording link on the top of the Settings screen.
  3. Check the option for Audio Transcript. Future recordings in rooms that your account owns will include a transcript.

Edit and Display Transcript

Note: If transcripts will be posted or converted to caption files, it is strongly recommended that they be proofed for content errors.

The following options are available to edit and display a transcript

Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom has a list of keyboard shortcuts posted on its web site.

Users on a Screen Reader

Screen reader users with visual impairments report being able to use most Zoom functions. Note that some users may prefer the Zoom iphone app.

Mosen Zoom Tutorial

As of March 17, 2020, Mosen Consulting has opened up their audio tutorial on Zoom for screen reader users for no charge.

JAWS Scripts for Zoom

Hartgen is also offering free JAWS scripts for Zoom.


Students or instructors who need to report an accessibility concern can send them to

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Last Update: May 5, 2020