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Create Captions for YouTube

The following pages contain information on how to add captions to a YouTube video with MovieCaptioner.

Upload Captions into YouTube

Captions can be uploaded into YouTube as an file with time codes or a text transcript with no time codes (YouTube uses speech recognition to set time codes).

See the YouTube Support page for more information.

Add Time Codes to Transcript

If you have a plain text transcript, but need to set time codes, you can use YouTube to add them with the help of their speech recognition engine.

See the YouTube Support page under Transcribe and set timings (original video language only) for more information.

Generating Captions from Speech Recognition

Any captions generated by YouTube speech recognition should be reviewed for accuracy. See the Speech Recognition page for more information.

Using YouTube and Screen Readers

The following pages contain information on how to use YouTube in a screen reader.

Alternate Players

These pages contain alternate players into which you can copy and paste a YouTube URL. If a YouTube video is embedded in a course page, a student should ask for the original URL as needed.

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